or Easy way to self confidence!

WHAT? One of the main problems of most of the artists throughout the world and centuries is a STAGE FEAR!

Sometimes knowledge of huge repertoire, enormous experience with public performances as well as perfect technical abilities doesn't give you a guarantee of self confidence while performing publicly,

WHO? This fear has no age or nationality, doesn't depend on social status or mentality of a person...

Vladimir Horowitz, Rene Fleming, Leopold Godowsky,,, The list of people who were afraid to not only perform in front of the public, but also sometimes to come on the stage is endless...

If one of following frases appeared in your head at least for once, you are a "lucky" possessor of a stage fear:

1. I was playing this place/music work/song perfectly at home, but every time I'm trying to repeat it in front of a teacher/public/parents something goes wrong

2. I'm not going to perform this concert/exam this year because I'm not ready, but next year it will be another story and I'm going to do it then

3. I didn't practice enough, so next year I'm going to work more and I won't have any stress with public performances (*in some specific cases it's true:)))

4. I'm not learning music for showing my abilities to anybody else, I'm not scared, I just don't need it (in most cases it means fear, but there are exceptions, really low percentage)

5. Nobody else is scared, only me

6. The piano is different from the one I have at home and the keys are placed differently

7. What they (public/teacher/relatives/friends) are going to think about me and my way of playing?

8. What if I'm going to miss a note/forget a certain place?

9. I'm not going to miss this (particular) place... (repeated 3-100 times)

10. Why this chair is too low(high)/dress is too tight/public is too noisy (silent)/ music scores are too small, .. (any variety of difference of external factors which influences you before the performance, but are not noticeable after it)


If you had at least once one of those symptoms:

1. Your teacher/reliable source claims that your performance is oppositely different from your usual performances at the lessons/at home

2. You have physical aliments while stage performance/preparation for it/any reminders about it

3. Everything goes black/you are sinking (in your mind)/stop hearing well while performing on the stage

4. Your heartbeat is twice/3-times faster than usual while playing your instrument publicly

Did you recognize yourself? Does your child who plays an instrument has this problem? Do you want to solve it?

HOW? Every person is unique and every body is different, but there are several common types of fear, which we are going to describe in details at the workshop.

Our main goal is to find source of the problem and liquidate it!

The workshop will be divided in 4 main parts:

1. Describing of several types of fear + Working with public individually

2. Finding a source of fear of every type

3. Psychological solutions for every individual person/student/musician

3. Technical solution + Examples of the piano students + Specifications of different instrumentalists

4. Special hypnotic session

We can choose together which method is the best for you and work on the best unique method for your complete confidence during any public performance!

Deze Workshop zal in het Engels worden gegeven.

Zaterdag 16 februari 2019

19:30 u. - 21:30 u. -  Huis De Min - Mechelen

Prijs per lezing: 15,00 euro

Docent: Anastasia Kozhushko


Ter plaatse in Huis De Min

Aan de kassa voor elk concert/lezing

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Workshop Pianostudie en Ontwikkeling in de praktijk

Workshop voor kinderen & volwassenen

  • In deze workshop leggen we het verband tussen jouw studie en analyse.

  • Je gaat ervan uit een nieuw werk in te studeren, hoe start je aan gericht studeren? Zonder al teveel tijd en energie te verspillen aan het verkeerd instuderen van werken.

  • Hoe komt het dat solisten werken uit het hoofd spelen? Net door het juist en gericht instuderen op korte termijn.

  • Je verplaatsen in de periode waarin je werken opgedragen krijgt.

  • De pianotechnieken toepassen op de schriftuur, rekening houdend met de bouwstenen van de muziek.

  • Hoe krijg je trekjes ingestudeerd en hoe trek je maten los uit je werk.

  • Hoe ga je harmonisch om met muziek en waar liggen vraag en antwoord.

  • Hoe belangrijk is je ademhaling aan je instrument?

Om op al deze vragen een antwoord te geven, is het aangewezen indien ieder die de workshop volgt een gekend stuk meebrengt zodanig we interactief kunnen werken.

Zaterdag 23 februari 2019

19:30 u. - 21:30 u. -  Huis De Min - Mechelen

Prijs per lezing: 15,00 euro

Docent: Nicolaï Van den Bogaert


Ter plaatse in Huis De Min

Aan de kassa voor elk concert/lezing

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